Frequently Asked Questions

Is my house eligible for the Noise Mitigation Program?

  • Eligibility for the Noise Mitigation Program is determined by the FAA Approved Noise Exposure Map. All homes that fall within the 65 - 69 DNL contour are currently eligible under FAA guidelines. Special stipulations have been made for homes that fall within close proximity to the 65 DNL in certain neighborhoods. As a general rule, businesses are not eligible for Noise Mitigation. Please contact the Noise Mitigation Program Office to determine eligibility for your home. To view the Noise Exposure Map for Westfield-Barnes Airport, click here.

How will I know if my home has been selected for the Noise Mitigation Program?

  • You will receive a letter via mail inviting you to attend an Initial Homeowner Meeting. At this meeting, we will give you information about the program and address any questions you may have about the Noise Mitigation Program process.

I do not understand the construction agreement and easement. May I have a lawyer look over these forms?

  • Absolutely. The forms will become legally binding agreements, and you are entitled to know exactly what you are signing. Homeowners sometimes feel more comfortable after having a lawyer review these documents. Please note this will be a cost to the homeowner.

I recently installed new windows and doors. Will the program reimburse me for these improvements?

  • Improvements completed by the homeowner prior to participating in the Noise Mitigation Program are not eligible for reimbursement. Also any additions made to the home after the completion of the Noise Mitigation modifications are not eligible for future treatment.

Will work be done on my roof or siding?

  • No. The work involved to acoustically treat a home does not require any modifications to your existing roof or siding.

Do I have to accept all of the recommended modifications to my home in order to participate in the program?

  • The recommended Noise Mitigation package for your home was designed to meet the required FAA guidelines for noise reduction. Air conditioning, while important to allow the homeowner to keep the acoustical windows closed throughout the warm season, does not directly affect Noise Mitigation measurements. Therefore, air conditioning is the only portion of the package that may be refused.

Will the wallpaper and/or paint be replaced?

  • Due to the difficulty in matching paint colors and wallpaper styles, the program cannot replace your wallpaper or provide finish painting on your interior walls. Your walls will be primed but not finish painted. All doors, exterior trim and all new exterior surfaces will be finished with paint or stain to match your existing color scheme.

Will air conditioning be provided?

  • In order for Noise Mitigation modifications to be effective, windows and doors must be kept closed. To ensure comfort during warm, humid months, a central forced-air cooling system may be supplied as part of the Acoustical Treatment modification package, if your home does not already have one.

Will my utility bills change?

  • In most cases, an acoustically treated house operates much more efficiently overall with less energy usage. After modifications, your house will perform better thermally, as well as acoustically. You may experience a reduction in your utility costs, depending on the current condition of the house (i.e., if no air conditioning is presently installed or if minimal weather insulation is installed in the house). Of course, adding an air conditioning system will increase your summertime electric bill if you did not have an air conditioning system before. However, your heating bills will probably be lower during the winter months, and your costs should average out over the course of a year.

What would be done with patio doors and/or French doors?

  • We would install a new set of patio doors or French doors.

Is there a warranty on the products installed?

  • Yes. There is a multi year manufacturer's warranty on the windows (storm and regular) and doors, as well as standard warranties on all other products used. A one-year warranty is provided on the contractor's installation.


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