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Information for Contractors

Invitation To Submit Qualifications For The Westfield-Barnes Airport Noise Mitigation Program

Work to include alterations and modifications to groups of approximately 15 -20 existing, occupied homes or apartments per bid contract. Approximately 250 additional homes or apartments of various types and sizes in neighborhoods surrounding the Westfield-Barnes Airport are to receive the above treatments during the coming years to achieve interior protection against aircraft noise intrusion. This includes, but is not limited to, replacement of existing windows and doors, door weather stripping, interior ceiling and wall modifications, mechanical and electrical modifications, and related items: all completed in accordance with project plans and specifications.

This program is sponsored by the Westfield-Barnes Airport under the "Airport Improvement Program", a "grant-in-aid" program, administered by the Federal Aviation Administration.

To All Filed-Sub-Bidders, Trade Contractors and Awarding Authorities:

A completed and signed Sub-Bidder updated statement must be submitted with every filed sub-bid pursuant to M.G.L. c.149, Ss 44F and every trade sub-bid pursuant to M.G.L c.149A. Any filed sub-bid or trade sub-bid submitted without an appropriate sub-bidder update statement is invalid and must be rejected.

Massachusetts General Laws require what is known as the “filed sub-bid” system for selecting certain subcontractors on major construction projects. The law requires that General Contractors submit construction bids in two phases. First, subcontractors must submit their bids to the Awarding Authority, which compile a list of all sub-bids received. The Awarding Authority will send the list to all interested general contractors. Interested contractors will then need to submit their bid including any filed sub-bidders that will be used on the work.

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (“DCAM”), pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 149, section 44D issues Certification Guidelines and Procedures for Sub-Bidders and Awarding Authorities which establish the criteria governing the eligibility of contractors for public building projects in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


To start the process, please download this application
and mail it back to us.

pdfNoise Participant Application Form


Click the link below to download:

pdf2014 Noise Exposure Map
pdf2009 Noise Study Final Report [10MB]



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